Behind the Lens

Hey everyone… so here is a little bit about me!  Yup, the picture above is me with my beautiful wife Sakiko!  Mother of my amazing daughter Amelie Keiko!

In this blog you are probably going to find posts on skateboarding, snowboarding, art, photography, my travels throughout Japan.  I take photos of some pretty random stuff at times but everything usually is pretty interesting. Hrmm, well at least thats what I shoot for!  Also… I am writing everything in English and Japanese cause I have a lot of friends in Japan and I wanna keep everyone posted!  I have known Japanese for quite a while, done a lot of translating work, and I guess I speak it fluently.  Or so I am told, by my wife, who will not speak English to me (I’m not complaining! I love being Bilingual!) So don’t worry about the stuff you can’t read! Haha.

A little more on me I guess since this is a behind the lens thing. I was born August 8th, 1987 so you guys figure out my age.  I dont want to write it in here cause then I will have to change my age every time my birthday rolls around.  I grew up in Vancouver, Washington; which borders Portland, Oregon.  I enjoy living in Washington because we have all types of seasons, which for a photographer, is very ideal.  I must say though, we get a lot of rain, which prohibits skateboarding to an extent.  But the rain means snow on the mountain so I forgive mother nature every now and then.

Photography for me is really something that just makes sense, if that makes any sense.  I grew up loving art, I love to draw, paint, design, and I enjoy expressing how I feel or letting my ideas become something visual.  When I paint or draw I create images that are usually something that does not exist, something that I can’t take a photograph of.  So photography is my way of creating images based of things that do exist in this world.  It allows me to create a feeling or to display an experience from what I see with my eyes, something that is, “in the moment,” instead of something that I create in my brain.  I grew up skateboarding and so it was only natural for me to find myself shooting photographs of skateboarding and showing the lifestyle that comes along with it. However, I do not like to limit myself to skateboarding photography.  On a daily basis you never know what you will encounter.  You never know what may happen or what opportunity may present itself.  For this reason I prefer to always have my camera with me, no matter how heavy my case gets. Haha.  Sometimes it is a pain, but photography is a labor or love, be it digital or film.  With this blog I am hoping that wherever I go, and whatever I do, for the most part I will be able to show people things that they would not normally see or know about.  Of course anyone can look up a picture of skateboarding on any search engine but I will always include a small written piece for a better understanding of the situation.  Enjoy!

上にあるの写真は私と自分の奥さんです!!このブログ色なことは出て来るので色々を見て下さい!面白い事は絶対見つけると思います!!! じゃあ私の思ってる事を教えるよ。





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  1. You guys seem like a great couple, love your photos!

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