Awesome Links

Click on the links to check out some of my other things and also things I like!!!


My Flickr! – This has the majority of the photos I take!  There is a ton on there so have fun!

Daddies Board Shop – My work and its the world’s largest and best longboard, skateboard, and snowboard store.  Based out of Portland, Oregon; Daddies is THE ONLY CHOICE in quality skate product and performance.  Stop by 11-5 Tues-Friday.  Biggest selection, best product, and the unbeatable prices!

Instant Skate Shop – This is the link to the Instant Skate Shop Blog, good contents in here! Instant Skate Shop is Located in Urayasu, Japan and if you are in the area and need gear it is for sure a good place to go!  The main guys there are Akio Homma who speaks good English for those not acquainted with the Japanese language and Keita Ikenoue, a professional skateboarder in Japan.

Daily Maihama Skate Park Blog – Frequent updates on all the cool stuff that goes down at Maihama skate park.  Created and operated by my buddy Yasushi Ryuki.  The park is small but the vibe there is awesome.  Definitely a good place to meet up for a session.

The Berrics – Only the most visited skateboarding site on the internet.  Steve Berra and Eric Koston’s private skatepark.

Transworld Skateboarding – A main skateboarding media source for all the most recent happenings and events.

Thrasher – Another main skateboarding media source with alternative contents to check out.

Skate Slate – An online blog with all the haps on downhill, freeride, dancing, and everything else associated with longboarding.

Skate House Media – Another online blog run by all your favorite longboarding big names!

Wheelbase Magazine – Yet another online blog covering everything in the longboarding world!

Silverfish Longboarding – Basically the know all end all in longboarding forums.  Dont be a troll, you wont hear the end of it.

Eastside Longboards – Based out of here in Portland.  Daddies Team rider Robin McGuirk’s company.  Quality boards that are ridden and designed by true riders each and every day!


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